Rutgers: Riman Research Group - Laboratory

Our group has several analytical and processing capabilities including particle size, porosity, dispersion, milling, hydrothermal synthesis, mechanochemical synthesis, filtering, and mixing.

CCR 142

Micros Mill

A mechanochemical mill that utilizes zirconia rings as milling material. Capable of synthesis and/or milling up to 3000 rpm.



A custom built high shearing mixer attached to a Parr reactor.


A high pressure filtration system capable of washing and filtering solutions greater than 3 liters.


CCR 207 Laboratory

Rheometric Scientific Rheometer


CCR 230 Laboratory

Coulter LS230

A light scattering particle sizer capable of measuring particles greater than 40 nm that are dispersed in water.


Brookhaven Instruments Disc Centrifuge Particle Analyzer (BI-DCP)

A disc centrifugual particle sizer capable of measuring particles of any size in various solutions.


Brookhaven Instruments ZetaPALS

A zeta potential analyzer and light scattering particle sizer for particles in various solutions.

SOP for Zeta Potential Analysis

SOP for Particle Size Analysis

ZetaPALS Manual

ZetaPLUS Manual


90Plus Manual


An acoustic particle sizer.



CCR 238 Laboratory

Micromeritics Gemini

A surface area analyzer and porosity analyzer using the vacuum volumetric technique of nitrogen adsorption and desorption.


Micromeritics AccuPyc

A helium pycnometer for volume and density measurements.


Micromeritics AutoPore 9400

A mercury porosimeter for pore size distributions with a capability of pressures up to 30,000 psi.



A205 Laboratory

Parr Hydrothermal Reactors




A244B Laboratory




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