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Research Team | Riman Research Group
Riman Research Group

Research Team

Postdoctoral Researchers


Kevin Blinn

Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology, Materials Science and Engineering

Green concrete technology, low-temperature hydrothermal solidification of composite materials


Zhichao Hu

Ph.D. Rutgers University, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Rare-earth elements recovery from industrial waste streams, thermodynamics of rare-earth compounds


Jun Wang

Ph.D. North Carolina State University, Materials Science and Engineering

Low-temperature hydrothermal solidification of ceramic and composites, solid state sintering


Dechao Yu

Ph.D. South China University of Technology, Material Science

Designing and synthesizing the efficient luminescent materials (nano/bulk particles, multi-component optical glasses and glass ceramics) activated by lanthanide and/or transition metal ions through downshifting and up-/down-conversion for the application in solid state lighting, solar cells, laser devices, and bio-medicines



Graduate Students


Ryan Anderson


Berra Beyoglu


Paul Kim


Daniel Kopp



Administrative Staff

Janet Pescinski                                   

Business Specialist